Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jump for Rhinestones!

This idea struck me as I was at the check out counter at Bookman's and flipping through their various sparklies and baubles. I found these froggies (I love frogs) but their bellies were empty! I practically shrieked to my husband that the new Big Rhinestones would be perfect. (Ah, the way Stampin' Up! changes your view of the world.) I then discussed if there was a past tense of 'bling' with the cashier. Blung? Nah, blung sounded weird so we agreed on the compound 'blinged out'.  Sorry the picture is blurry, it was hard to get these little guys to stand up because their backs are rounded too.

The green DSP is from the This and That bundle.
Large Rhinestones, Spring Catalog, #129324, $4.95 for 40

1. I cleaned their bellies with an alcohol wipe and let them dry thoroughly.
2. I then put a glue dot on the back of the rhinestone, even though they are sticky to begin with I only trust glue dots with non-porous surfaces.
3. Show off my new go to everyday earrings to husband.

I was also thinking you could use the Large Pearls or the sticky inserts from the Designer Build a Brads. If you did the clear brad cover, you could stamp a tiny bee or butterfly from the Itty Bitty set inside it's belly! Ribbit!

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