Friday, June 28, 2013

New Color Refresh Stampin' Up! Marker Caddy Insert

So let's say you didn't buy the 10 pack of new colors from the Color Refresh or a whole new set of Marvelous Markers - which means you didn't get a nifty new chart insert right?

Fret not my friends, I have created one you can print out in Word.


What you will need:

Color Printer
Scotch Tape

1. Remove your markers from the plastic carrying case by pulling out the hard plastic cube(s) with the markers still in them. Remove any old color markers and keep them with any other retired stock you have.

2. Slide out/off the current paper wrap that you have with the old color chart, and unfold it flat.

3. Print out the new chart and cut out along the edges and the white trapezoid shapes I added on.

4. Fold at the lines and tape the white trapezoids onto the inside of your current paper chart wrap.

5. It may be a smidge off so make sure to use your bone folder and get a great line.

6. Reassemble your paper wrap, move the markers to the right spots, enjoy!

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