Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dishwasher Magnet using Stampin' Up!

Finally, an answer to the age old question "Are the dishes dirty or clean?" My mom had a plastic one of these growing up and I thought of it the other day and decided to make my own to match a few things hanging up in my kitchen.

Show & Tell 1 Photopolymer Stamp Set
Designer Typeset Photopolymer Stamp Set

Scrap Kiwi Kiss, Tangerine Tango and Whisper White

Black StazOn

Paper Snips

Adhesive and Accessories:
Lid from an accessory container, scrap chipboard or cardboard, Crystal Effects, Glue Dots, SNAIL, pencil, one heavy duty round magnet. Optional: hot glue gun

1. Trace the outline of the lid on the chipboard or cardboard. I only used one layer of cardboard.

2. Trace the outline of the lid on your scrap orange and scrap green. (Or whichever colors you choose.)

3. Stamp the banner on Whisper White using Black StazOn  two or three times.

4. Stamp the banner on Tangerine Tango once and on Kiwi Kiss once.

5. Immediately clean the banner using StazOn Cleaner and a clean Stampin' Scrub to prevent as much staining as possible.

6. On a clear block, I used D size, align the letters CLEAN edge to edge.

7. On another clear block align the letters DIRTY edge to edge.

8. Ink CLEAN in Black Stazon, stamp several times into the spaces on the Whisper White cardstock banner image. Flip the images upside down to prepare to stamp DIRTY.

9. Immediately clean the CLEAN. (Funny!)

10. Ink DIRTY in Black Stazon, stamp seveal times into spaces on the Whisper White cardstock banner image.

11. Immediately clean the DIRTY.

12. Using Paper Snips carefully cut out the best CLEAN part of the banner and the best DIRTY part of the banner. Cut just inside the trapezoid shape so the background line of the other stamped image will show.

13. Cut out the Kiwi Kiss stamped banner and the Tangerine Tango Stamped banner - cutting on the outside edge of the stamped line. Cut the Tango Circle and the Kiwi circle. Cut the circles just INSIDE of the tracing.

15. Cut the Kiwi and Tango banners in half, making sure they butt up well against each other. Cut one of the circles in half.

16. Adhere the cardboard circle to the lid using glue dots.
      Adhere the whole cardstock circle to the cardboard using glue dots,
      adhere the half circle with Snail.
      Adhere the first banner onto your half circle using SNAIL.
      Adhere the second part of the banner onto the top part of the whole circle using Glue Dots since there will be a bit of a layering height difference, the glue dots will make up for it.
      Adhere the White CLEAN and DIRTY images with SNAIL.

17. Press firmly down into the lid. Use a craft knife if your circle doesn't quite tuck into the edges, to poke them down.

18. Pour Crystal Effects into lid, start with a quarter size amount and tilt lid to cover each area fully, add more as needed and continue tilting until completely and evenly covered.

19. Put in a high place to dry overnight to prevent fingers or hair getting into it.

20. The next day adhere the magnet with a glue dot, or if you have one a hot glue gun.

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  1. I must recommend adhering the magnet with a glue gun. My large sized glue dot isn't holding up well.